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good family k-9

Good Family K-9 is a family-owned and operated dog training company in Fort Lauderdale that works with all breeds. Our training is designed with you and your dog in mind. We specialize in bringing peace to your household by training your dog to be the best pet they can be. With 14 years of experience training police dogs, we’ve learned how to communicate with dogs on a higher level. We’ve taken this knowledge and experience and geared our training around what is important for pet dogs. We will teach you how to communicate with your dog which will greatly benefit your relationship. We utilize modern training methods to bring a balanced approach to training. We teach you, the pet owner, the skills needed to maintain our training for the many, many years you will have with your dog.

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erik good (owner/trainer)

Erik Good is the Owner and Head Trainer for Good Family K-9. He is a sought after instructor and problem solver in the Pet Dog Training community and Police K-9 community. Erik is passionate about dogs and their training. He has extensive knowledge and experience in dog training. He incorporates positive training in all aspects of his work. In addition to Good Family K-9, Erik is the Head K-9 Trainer and a K-9 Handler at one of the largest Law Enforcement Agencies in South Florida. Erik is certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) as a K-9 Team Instructor and is an FDLE K-9 Team Evaluator.

In his service, Erik has been a K-9 handler for 14 years. He has worked 3 single purpose patrol dogs along with a single purpose explosives detection dog. As a K-9 Team Instructor and Evaluator, Erik instructs new handler schools for both his agency and surrounding jurisdictions, continues training for the handlers for the 15+ dogs within his agency, hosts weekly multi-jurisdictional trainings for surrounding departments, and supports SWAT with their K-9 needs. Erik has 8 years of experience as a SWAT K-9 handler/trainer. He pioneers new and innovative K-9 tactics and training previously non-existent to SWAT operations within the agency. Erik also has his own K-9 partner.

Erik’s love for dog training began when Police Work led him into a position as a Criminal Apprehension K-9 Handler. Erik was paired with a sable colored German Shepherd named Ares. Erik successfully trained and worked K-9 Ares for 2 years. K-9 Ares was forced to retire early as he developed a degenerative condition in his eyes. Erik was then partnered with another sable colored German Shepherd, named, “Dog.” Erik successfully trained and worked Dog for 8 years. As Dog approached retirement age, Erik was paired with a blue colored Belgian Malinois named, “Spyke.” Like Ares and Dog, Spyke specializes in finding and apprehending dangerous criminals. To gain experience, Erik decided to take on a second K-9 partner, a Belgian Malinois named Raven. Raven specialized in the detection of explosives. Erik’s passion for dog training drove him to become a certified instructor for K-9 teams specializing in detection work. Erik and his beloved K-9 partners are responsible for capturing hundreds of criminals and completing explosives sweeps at special events. Erik is currently still working with K-9 Spyke.

Erik believes that learning never ends. He seeks to learn from other instructors by taking dog training courses and attending seminars with the top trainers in the world. Erik teaches at national Police K-9 Seminars and has been featured on several popular Police K-9 Podcasts. His passion, determination, and love for dogs continue to drive him to be the best trainer he can be.