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At Good Family K-9, we transform your dogs into well-behaved pets through our immersive Board and Train program. With a minimum duration of two weeks, every dog gets one-on-one attention from our expert trainers. Even challenging cases dealing with severe aggression find their remedy in our balanced method, designed to cater to all breeds and ages. The surprise is that it’s not just a change for your dog—it’s the start of a new way of living together. Ready for a new start?

Our Board and Train program is personalized to what you need with your dog. If you are ahead of the curve and simply want a more obedient and responsive dog, this program is for you. If you have specific issues that have developed over time and need to be addressed, we will address exactly what you need. 

We create an environment in which the dog wants to engage in training. Our methods make training fun and interactive for the dog. This stimulates the dog mentally and physically, satisfying natural pack and hunting drives. With the dog so eager to train and engaged in the process, we are simultaneously training your dog through distractions. Once your dog has learned the behaviors through hundreds of repetitions for a reward, we make them mandatory. We then proof the dog to ensure the dog follows commands when a reward is not present or under distraction. 

How To Get Started

Contact us today to find out more about our Board and Train service by calling or texting 954-856-2783. We offer board and train in South Florida and all surrounding areas: Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties, FL.






Our Board and Train Facility

Good Family K-9’s facility is a state-of-the-art training establishment that is impeccably clean and designed to offer every pet comfort, peace, and safety during their stay. The boarding facility offers comfortable kennels with individual bedding, toys, and water bowls, all placed inside an air-conditioned environment that provides adequate ventilation for the pets.

The kennels in our boarding facility are spacious enough for each dog to stretch out fully. Our trainers oversee the pets throughout their stay, providing ample attention through daily walks around the surrounding areas in Fort Lauderdale or free playtime within the fence of their large outdoor area where pets can interact with others while keeping safe.

Amenities for Pets

At Good Family K-9, we understand that your pets are more than just animals; they are family members. Your furry friend’s comfort and well-being are crucial to us, which is why we have a wide range of amenities available to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Our facilities include air-conditioned indoor dog kennels designed for your pet’s safety and comfort. For your pet to get ample exercise and socialization, our boarding includes several outdoor play areas complete with fun agility equipment. Additionally, we provide high-quality food options based on your pet’s dietary needs, along with bedding, blankets, and toys, so they can enjoy their stay comfortably.

Our Board And Train Process

Good Family K-9 trainers prioritize obedience training as it creates bonds between owners and dogs while teaching important safety skills. Through modern techniques such as reward-based positive reinforcement training, we aim to train your pet so that they behave consistently in any environment. This approach has been tested and proven time and again to create positive results across various breeds, ages and behaviors.

We understand that not all pets learn at the same pace or respond similarly to the same training tactics; this is why we take a personalized approach to understand each dog’s temperament, personality traits and preferences. Through behavioral evaluation sessions tailored specifically to each pup’s need’s, our team develops strategies that help the dog break bad habits or negative patterns of behavior.

Good Family K-9 guarantees an exceptional level of service and life-lasting training results for all breeds, ages, and behaviors. Erik Good has over 14 years of experience in dog training in South Florida and is certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) as a K-9 Team Instructor and an FDLE K-9 Team Evaluator.

Advantages of Board and Train Program

The immersive nature of our Board and Train service allows for consistent, focused training sessions, leading to more rapid and effective learning. This intensive regimen is especially beneficial for dogs who require a structured environment to learn successfully. Think of it as a concentrated learning experience—our professional trainers work closely with your dog every day, ensuring they receive the attention and guidance needed to make significant progress in a shorter period than traditional training methods might allow.

This consistent, concentrated approach facilitates better retention of training commands, leash skills, and overall behavior. Dogs thrive on consistency, which is why our program is designed to provide them with a predictable routine that reinforces positive habits and discourages negative behaviors. Other benefits of our board and train program include-

Why Trust Good Family K-9?

Pet owners trust Good Family K-9 because we have consistently delivered excellent services since 2003, earning accolades from clients, veterinarians, shelters and even other trainers within the industry. Some pet owners approach Good Family K-9, having tried other training programs without success, only to witness drastic improvements in behavior after enlisting their services.

It’s no coincidence that pet owners place such high levels of trust in them. Their results-driven approach guarantees substantial improvements that last long-term (even in challenging cases). The trainers utilize modern techniques with a focus on teaching pet owners the skills needed to maintain their dog’s training independently.

Additionally, because Good Family K-9 is family-owned and operated, we offer personalized services that are tailored to each pet’s unique situation. As such, clients feel secure knowing their pet is receiving individualized attention throughout the entire process.

Ultimately, Good Family K-9 will assess every case and give straightforward advice as to how they can help while taking into account specific lifestyle practices and routines. We aim to earn trust by transparently outlining expected results along with estimated timelines for delivering on these promises.

Improve Your Dog's Behavior with Our Board and Train Program

At Good Family K-9, we understand that every dog is special. That’s why our Board and Train Program offers comprehensive canine training experiences beyond what may have been available before. More than just an investment program, our Board and Train experience transforms canines into well-mannered family members!

As you consider our Board and Train Program, imagine a future where your dog follows commands easily, displays impeccable behavior and becomes an absolute joy to be around. Our dedicated trainers are committed to creating a nurturing environment where your pet can learn and thrive.

If you’re ready to witness amazing transformations in your furry friend, reach out to us at 954-856-2783 or email to schedule a free consultation. Good Family K-9 is here to help your pet become their best selves!

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